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At Best Life we believe the body has an innate ability to heal itself with the support of information and an ideal environment. It is our goal to work with you in creating a holistic healing plan that will fit your individual needs.

Georgette has a background in bio tensegrity, therapeutic movement, nervous system awareness, interconnections with body systems and the body’s cellular community.

She is one of the first and of a small handful of PEMF providers trained in specific to operate the PEMF-120. Having studied Nutritional Microscopy, she is a certified Live/Dark Field Blood Analyst.

Georgette owned/operated Tadasana Wellness in Pemberton, B.C .for many years where her holistic modalities supported a large and dynamic clientele base.

She now resides in the Fraser Valley.

About PEMF Therapy

What is PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Fields)?

By using the most powerful PEMF unit available (the PEMF-120), the cellular body is stimulated to return to it’s healing ability at 100% capacity. This occurs when every one of your cells is encompassed with a natural pulsed magnetic field, triggering them to detox, oxygenate and replicate an ideal environment. This particular machine operates according to your bio-feedback and directs it’s attention to areas in which the body is not operating at it’s full potential. ATP (cellular fuel) is unleashed and health is quickly returned, decreasing pain and increasing the body’s ability to literally heal itself.

PEMF Therapy helps with:

  • immediate decrease of pain
  • reduction of inflammation
  • increased range of motion
  • increased energy levels
  • insomnia
  • reduced muscle mass post surgery
  • increased tensile strength in ligaments
  • bone healing (FDA endorsed heal non-union bone fractures 35% faster)
  • improves circulation dramatically
  • acceleration of nerve regeneration
  • decreasing cancer tumours
  • depression/anxiety
  • concussions
  • and more

LIVE/DRY Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis and Dry Blood Analysis is a holistic and preventative practice. It was originally developed by German doctors and scientists who viewed the body’s systems, functions and internal landscape to operate in a different way. Blood Analysis has been practiced for over 100 years, giving a unique perspective on the individual’s internal PH pool.

Looking at a drop of the client’s blood through a powerful microscope (100X), using dark and bright field attachments, the image of your live and dry blood is then transferred to a monitor screen where you can view your blood clearly. Here we look into the general health of the individual by observing the blood’s movement (or lack of), white blood cells, nearly invisible microorganisms floating in the plasma, acidic/alkalinity of overall terrain, possible disease-causing factors, oxidative stress as well as any other host markers that may present themselves.

Valuable information compiled from LIVE/DRY Blood Analysis:
– inflammation
– EMF (electro magnetic fields) exposure
– low oxygenation, anemia
– candida, yeast, parasites
– free radical damage
– stressed organs
– colon toxicity
– digestive problems
– allergies/sensitivities
– heavy metals
– deficiency of vitamins/minerals

All information shown via the blood analysis will be explained clearly and a general nutritional plan will be advised.
IMPORTANT to not drink/eat at least 3hrs before your appointment. Once the sample is taken you may snack/drink.

Looking at your biological terrain through blood analysis is an empowering tool to take control of your own health.


Sabina Nelson

“After reading all these positive testimonials I decided to visit this center. I was impressed.”

Dwain Wright

“I have finally found someone I trust, without a doubt the most caring and professional staff.”

Grace Anthony

“Thank you for an incredible consultation. I look forward to seeing you again next week.”

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In order to continue serving the public during COVID-19 we are offering ONLY PEMF.
For your safety, and ours, we are following a strict hygiene protocol.

When entering our office please:

~ wash hands with soap and water before and after entering
~ sanitizer/wipes will be available at the front door and in office
~ if you cough or sneeze, use a tissue or your bent elbow and wash or sanitize your hands immediately afterward
~ all visitors will be asked to fill out a self-assessment/declaration
~ no shaking hands, hugging or touching

We, as your providers, will also follow these hygiene protocols.
Thank you for understanding and we look forward to seeing you.

Georgette Metcalfe