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*Georgette is offering PEMF and Live Blood Analysis at Wellington Natural Health in Chilliwack BC on Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays. Please book through Wellington* 

or call 604-701-5703

*Jenn is offering PEMF treatments at Wellington Natural Health in Chilliwack BC on Mondays and every second Tuesday. Please book through Wellington

or call 604-701-5703

*Georgette is now offering PEMF treatments for animals at Phoenix Rising Integrative Care in N. Vancouver, BC every second Tuesday. Please call Phoenix Rising to book 604-436-0726

*Our Surrey location is permanently closed*



Experience PEMF

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Using the PEMF-120, Best Life’s practitioners will use PEMF therapy to decrease inflammation, boost your body’s natural healing process, and get you to start living your very best life.


Try Live/Dry Blood Analysis

And see what your blood has to say

Revealing and informative, a blood analysis can tell you more about your body and bloodstream, where nutrient deficiencies may lie, and most importantly what it needs to improve and prosper.

About Us

Green Wave

Meet Georgette Metcalfe & the Team

Best Life Holistic Services is a holistic wellness clinic with an office based in Chilliwack BC. Georgette Metcalfe, the founder and leading practitioner of PEMF therapy, would love nothing more than to meet you and help you get back to living your best life.

The Most Popular Symptoms That We Treat


Multiple Sclerosis (MS)


Multiple sclerosis is a debilitating and harsh condition with no pre-existing cause. With PEMF therapy, you can get back to feeling normal (pre-MS effects) and truly live a more painless life.



One of the most common causes of discomfort and pain that affects everyone at any stage of life. PEMF therapy can reduce the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis, regardless of its form.

Acute & Chronic Pain


You don’t have to live with acute and chronic pain. Wherever it’s located in your body or however frequently it occurs, PEMF therapy can address your most pressing pain areas and help you heal.

Depression & Anxiety


Your brain matters as much as the rest of your body when it comes to your health. PEMF therapy can help to ease the physical symptoms that are the result of these debilitating states of mind.

Stress Reduction


Stress can be an incredible force of destruction if left alone and you let it control your life. PEMF therapy can ease the physical results stress causes in the body and reduce its harsh effects.



Along with cancer comes the incredible amounts of pain both real and phantom. PEMF therapy is a remarkable alternative to medication, best used in sync with chemo for the best healing possible.

Bone Healing


The bones, tendons, and ligaments are the foundation of the body. Without care for all of them, we fall apart. PEMF therapy targets the pain and problems associated with fractures and breaks and helps you heal faster.

Blood Oxygenation


When PEMF therapy is used together with live/dry blood analysis, amazing things happen. With blood oxygenation, nutritional deficiencies are reduced, pain is lessened, and your blood improves on a cellular level.

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