Our Rates

Rates for Blood Analysis & PEMF Therapy Treatment

Green Wave

For anyone who is wondering how much live/dry blood analysis or PEMF therapy costs at our clinic, you may refer to the below pricing details.

Please let us know in the contact form below if you have any questions not covered here.

Initial PEMF
Treatment Cost:


$120 up to 90 minutes

Follow-Up PEMF
Appointment Cost:


$90 up to 50 minutes

Initial Blood
Analysis Cost:


$120 for 1 hour

Follow-Up Analysis
Appointment Cost (2-3 Months After Initial):


$80 for 45 minutes

NEW - Packages

Green Wave

Brand new to our clinic are combined service packages for all initial clients. Let us know if you would like to sign up for either PEMF therapy or a live/dry blood analysis, or if you’re interested in receiving both of our main services.

Initial PEMF & Blood Analysis Package

For 2.5 hours
$ 280
  • 2 blood analysis sessions
  • 1 before the included PEMF treatment
  • 1 after the PEMF session has finished

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?


We accept VISA, Mastercard, and debit/interact


Do You Sell My Information?


No, we absolutely do not not sell your information to third parties. Your privacy matters to us very much. All appointments are kept confidential between yourself and us in terms of tracking and your health details.

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