PEMF Therapy Testimonials from Our Clients


We are honoured to have assisted our clients’ health progress and journey towards living a better and pain-free life. To achieve this way of living is the ultimate goal at Best Life Holistic Services.

Below are some of the glowing PEMF therapy testimonials we couldn’t help but share.

"After reading all these positive testimonials I decided to visit this center. I was impressed."
Sabina Nelson
“I have finally found someone I trust, without a doubt the most caring and professional staff.”
Dwain Wright
“Thank you for an incredible consultation. I look forward to seeing you again next week.”
Grace Anthony
"I met Georgette 5 years ago. PEMFIT has helped my back as I had a very bad sciatic nerve. She really explains how clear it is to make sure you keep inflammation down and the magic of PEMFIT streams out on success. It also has healed my nerves, which have saved me a back operation. I would strongly suggest if you have any ailments to go see Georgette. She is amazing and very clear on wellness and how to get the max impactful healing."
Rick Diamond
"In the winter of 2014 I found myself unable to sleep as some of the worst pain I'd ever experienced started building in my left shoulder. I tried to shake it off and stretch it out. Nothing worked and it got worse. After the 5th sleepless night I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with a Frozen Shoulder. "Anywhere from two months to two years for recovery", is what I was told. There was no PEMF in my community at the time and if it was available elsewhere, I didn't know about it. Fast forward through three months of intense pain, physio, and multiple medications. It finally got better.

Then my worst nightmare in the summer of 2018—it came back—this time on the other shoulder. I recognized the symptoms quickly and tried to keep it moving but nothing slowed it down and the sleepless nights returned. I called Georgette. She was now offering PEMF locally and I'd had some prior success with it when I'd strained my back the year before. This pain was much more intense and I was skeptical. Georgette fit me in quickly for a PEMF session that lasted about 30 minutes.

I noticed an improvement within a few hours. Somehow, it continued to improve into the following day. There was still pain, but it was more manageable. Within the 10 days or so to follow, I went back for two more PEMF sessions and the Frozen Shoulder was gone. No painful physio and no harsh medications. I honestly thought Georgette and her PEMF machine were magical miracle workers. I don't fully understand how it works, but when I'm in that kind of pain I really don't care how or why—I just needed the pain to stop. And it did. It's now two years later and so far it has not returned in either shoulder. I suspect it's rare to have had two identical injuries in different shoulders, four years apart, one treated with PEMF and one without. The difference in recovery is staggering."
Siri Curliss
"I am writing to let all know about the amazingly positive experiences I have had with Georgette and PEMF treatments. I have Multiple Sclerosis, which affects me with: loss of feeling from my thighs down to my feet, extreme exhaustion, foot drop, sore/weak muscles, brain fog, as well as other minor issues daily/weekly/ monthly.

I started with Georgette to see if oxygenating my blood through PEMF could help with any of my issues listed above. I instantly felt clearer in my thought and gained some strength back in my legs & arms. Georgette also worked on my feet, recharging the electrical circuit between my brain & feet, which resulted to my amazement, feeling back down my legs to the bottom of my feet! I could walk on glass before with no feeling at all! This was a major breakthrough. To this day I still have feeling in my feet!

I've witnessed my friends’ successes with PEMF treatments & my own. It also helped me in lessening my menopause symptoms as well. I highly recommend PEMF treatments. I started out with the thought, what do I have to lose? And now I know I have only everything to gain back with PEMF. Georgette is very knowledgeable and is right there to get you back to your best self! I thank her for keeping me walking, with my M.S. and strong."
Kristi Broadbent
"Georgette's PEMF treatment program was incredible in helping to offset my chronic shoulder pain. Having tried all sorts of other treatments I had all but given up until I tried PEMF."
Catherine Winder
"With my working career I spend a lot of time on my feet. Over the years of working I developed plantar fasciitis. It had a major impact on my career as I was in pain for months. I spent money on custom orthotics, plenty of different shoes and boots. Foot brace special socks and nothing worked. I finally located this pemf machine here in Chilliwack after all my own research on it. Got myself into treatments after my 3rd treatment my feet were back to 100 percent. Not only did PEMF help me with my plantar fasciitis, I also noticed gains in other places. I could breathe better. I had a lot more energy and just felt amazing. I highly recommend getting PEMF 120! Thanks Georgette Metcalfe!"
Josh LaBonte
"I have chronic osteo arthritis in my hands and injured knee. PEMFIT has been immensely helpful in managing stiffness and swelling in my hands. Having regular PEMFIT treatments I was able to eliminate a strong medication. Georgettes' calm and gentle approach is amazing. I highly recommend PEMFIT for arthritis and tissue injury."
Fran Cuthbert
"I discovered PEMF 5 years ago when I was looking for something to help with my dog's issues. He has always disliked a person touching him even myself. I found an acupuncturist that would see him but it didn’t work out because of the touching. He actually told me about PEMF in Pemberton. So we did our first session (on a very low setting) and Halen was ok but still nervous. Next session we increased the intensity and the time. Halen's issues are his shoulders and elbows and a tightness in his neck so he has a good limp.

What I noticed immediately was he’d walk in like an old man and walk out like a puppy. After a session in the beginning this would last for about 4 days. Eventually we were able to up the intensity to where noticeable twitching was occurring. Being he’s a dog that doesn’t speak the proof was in what I could see. Then Georgette became our practitioner & when I would tell Halen we were going to see her and get some PEMF, he’d get really excited.

I also had an issue that happened at the same time we started PEMF and it was a pinched nerve in my neck that made a fuzzy numbness from my neck to my thumb. By combining PEMF with acupuncture I was able to get rid of it completely. It took about 3 months but it’s never come back. I’ve seen and felt the positive effects of PEMF and that’s why I bought my own Flex Pulse machine. Portable and amazing.

A couple other things I must mention about Georgette: before she left our community I did a couple of Thai massages with her! WOW! Try it I promise you’ll feel amazing! Also she offers a blood analysis, & can give you a blood type chart that helps you pick the proper foods to eat regarding your blood type. We love Georgette for all her help."
Dave & Halen
(Forever PEMF users!)
"I feel that I have benefited greatly from a course of PEMF treatments with Georgette. Being familiar with other forms of electrotherapy (Ultrasound, Interferential, Laser and Pulsed-Shortwave-Diathermy) I was very interested to try PEMF. I felt that PEMF treatment helped my body to release tensions and reduce areas of inflammation in a way which was different to any other form of electrotherapy treatment I had previously tried. I was very impressed with the benefits. In my work as a Manual Osteopath I have also received feedback from a number of patients who have felt that PEMF treatment has been useful alongside hands on treatments."
Matt Sherlock
Manual Osteopath

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