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Naturally you must have a lot of questions about Best Life Holistic Services, about PEMF therapy protocol and how it works, about blood analysis, and so on—all your questions are excellent ones!

One of the best places to start before booking an appointment for either one of our services is to check out our FAQ. There you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions we’ve received about our company.

If you’ve already booked your appointment and want to prepare for your very first one, read on!

Before Your Appointment

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If you are arriving for a blood analysis appointment, you will need to refrain from eating or drinking anything (except for water) for 3 hours beforehand. This will keep your blood as clear as possible during examination. We encourage you to bring a snack and beverage of your own to your appointment.

If you are receiving PEMF therapy and a blood analysis, the rule for refraining from food and drink still stands.

If you are only receiving PEMF therapy, please wear loose and comfortable clothing. You will be asked before you come to the clinic if you have had any symptoms of underlying conditions prior that may not be suitable for PEMF, such as a heart condition that requires a pacemaker or if you are pregnant.

During Your Appointment

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Once you arrive we usually like to get to know our patients better, especially during the first appointment. You will need to provide information about your current health conditions, what you’ve been struggling with, what other forms of therapy or treatment you’ve been receiving (if any), and your current lifestyle and diet. Any information you provide will help us best understand the complexity of your case and determine if you are a suitable fit for receiving PEMF.

We highly encourage you to ask any and all questions you might have about what to expect (again, see the FAQ section if you haven’t already), how the procedures will work, etc. There’s no such thing as a silly question!

Appointments usually take about 1 hour if it’s an initial appointment, and 35 minutes if it’s a follow-up.

Before your blood analysis, you will be asked to provide a drop of blood—not a huge amount, just one drop is all! If you’re afraid of needles we can help ease your nerves beforehand.

After your blood has been received, you can eat your snack and drink right away while it’s being analyzed. We’re certain you will be hungry and thirsty!

If you are here for PEMF therapy, we must reiterate that you wear comfortable and loose clothing. We will apply the device to your most pressing pain points. It’s best that you lie down during your treatment.

How fast you will see results of your PEMF therapy varies from person to person; in most cases, we see drastically improved results right in the first session.

You can expect your appointment to take place inside of a relaxing, positive, and supportive environment at our clinic. Remember, you’re not here to treat your symptoms alone. Think of what lies ahead once you’ve addressed your current symptoms and underlying causes. You’re here to stay on track with your health goals; take comfort and imagine the wonderful possibilities opening to you after receiving PEMF treatment!

How Will I Feel After PEMF?

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You may feel immediate relief while receiving PEMF therapy. That being said, if there are toxins in your body that have resided in you for so long, you may feel tender and sore as a result. This soreness is your body’s natural response to receiving detoxification, which has to happen before the healing can occur.

This is why we usually recommend follow-up appointments for PEMF; we want to make sure all those toxins in your body are completely addressed and detoxified. One good tip to keep in mind is the more open minded you are to PEMF, the greater and better your results can be and the more likely you are going to see improvement to your overall health.

After Your Appointment

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You will be provided with take-home papers outlining your blood analysis in full, along with courses of action to take once you get home. Depending on your package, we will either leave you with the information needed or include tracking (i.e. we keep the information as well).

Post-PEMF you can get up from your lying position after the device has been removed. At this point the best thing you can do for yourself is listen to your body and respect its reaction. You may feel energized and raring to go; you may feel you would rather remain lying down for a little while. It all depends on you and your treatment.

We encourage everyone to book an appointment for a return visit depending on the severity of your ailment or condition.

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