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These days, being detail-oriented is not so much a handy talent as much as it’s a necessary skill. Being able to focus on the smallest elements of a whole can help you in breaking problems down into their component pieces, focusing on one thing at a time, and making a solution more approachable. At Best Life Holistic Services, we use our attention to detail to help people achieve their desired level of wellness, one piece at a time.

Organic cells are about as small as details get. They are the fundamental building blocks of all life on Earth. There are an estimated thirty trillion cells in the human body, each of them alive and active, performing their duties in order to keep the body running smoothly. And like all living things, cells require energy to carry out these processes. Using pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, also known as PEMF therapy, we are able to control this cellular energy exchange, and promote strength, regeneration, and healing in your body.

PEMF therapy can benefit a wide array of patients, whether they’re experiencing a new health issue, or have been managing the same condition for years.

So, how can pulsed electromagnetic field therapy be used?

Pain management or treatment for chronic injuries (e.g. back pain, joint pain)


Speeding up recovery of acute pain or inflammation, typically after a recent injury (e.g. strains, sprains, tears, bruising)


Improving sleep hygiene and relaxation through melatonin production


Reducing stress


Improving strength, endurance, and muscle regeneration


Provide relief for chronic physical and mental conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS), plantar fasciitis, depression, anxiety, and much more


These are only a few applications of PEMF therapy. If you’ve tried everything to get some relief from an old injury, or you need an accessible and non-invasive treatment for a more recent one, pulsed electromagnetic therapy might be your answer. So how does it work?

What is a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field?

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Pulsed electromagnetic fields are a natural occurrence, and much of our day-to-day life is thanks to them. Our planet itself has a magnetic field that vibrates, which is primarily created by the massive reservoirs of molten iron that swirl in the outer core of the Earth. This pulsed magnetic field protects our atmosphere from radiation, and allows life as we know it to carry on.

Similar to Earth, our bodies vibrate and carry pulsed electromagnetic fields that allow us to live our lives as normal. When we have our hearts and brains looked at by doctors, often the tests will involve measuring pulsed electromagnetic activity. Without a strong and consistent pulsed electromagnetic field, our cells, and therefore our bodies, would not be able to operate properly, and would rapidly break down.

Why Choose PEMF Therapy?


The cells in the body rely on the pulsed electromagnetic field created by our heartbeat. The energy that courses and vibrates through us is usually enough to keep our cells working normally, but when they begin to fall into disrepair, they may need a little help from the outside. The cell’s outer wall, or membrane, keeps the cell contained, and prevents it from collapsing. However, in order for cells to intake waste, or export energy, cell walls must have small openings, called membrane channels. These channels allow nutrients to freely flow in, and waste to flow out.

There are hundreds of types of cells in our bodies, each with a specific purpose. This could be generating energy, eliminating waste, or regenerating parts of the body that have been damaged. However, a cell can fall into disrepair when its membrane channels collapse and vibration ceases throughout the body, and the cell can’t operate at its optimum level. This is called cellular injury. 

The challenge with cellular injury is that you won’t know right away if there’s a problem. There’s no way for us to know the health status of each of our cells, and they typically don’t present any immediate challenges. However, days, months, or even years later, you may begin to feel the repercussions. Injured cells, like healthy ones, come together into a tissue, be it a muscle, internal organ, or a bone. And like building a wall with cracked bricks, a tissue made up of injured cells is simply not as strong as it could be, and may fail when you least expect it.

Treatment with PEMF

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PEMF therapy can help people who are already experiencing health issues, such as chronic back or joint pain. Pulsed electromagnetic fields will restore the structure of cells in the treated area, and promote regeneration of strong, healthy tissue. Bear in mind, though, that you don’t need to be already experiencing an injury to benefit from PEMF treatment—it’s also effective when used proactively and for prevention’s sake.

By treating the body with pulsed electromagnetic forces before any conditions arise, you can help protect yourself from more serious problems down the line. The best way to ensure cell health is to begin with pulsed electromagnetic field treatment before you think it’s needed—this will give you the best chance of not only treating developing issues, but also improving the quality of your body’s healing process in case of a future injury.

Living Your Best Life


Just like with physiotherapy, acupuncture, or any other treatment modality, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ process to PEMF therapy. Depending on you and your lifestyle, your condition, your sensitivity to electromagnetism, and your comfort level, the PEMF treatment will differ quite a bit. At Best Life Holistic Services, we use the PEMF-120, a time-tested machine with attachments capable of treating a wide array of patients and conditions. The intensity of the electromagnetic pulses is completely controllable, and is tailored to the patient’s needs, as well as their comfort level.

While the process may sound intimidating, it’s actually quite relaxing. You’ll feel a mild electric sensation through your body, but the process is painless.

In our years of helping to guide the healing process for countless patients, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that proactive treatment can make. While cell health may seem like an insignificant detail now, any issues at the cellular level will only be magnified down the road. When you’re ready to take control of your healing, and work towards holistic wellness, consider PEMF therapy. It has the power to restore, rebuild, and maintain the health of the human body, starting from the bottom up.

If you’re near Surrey or Chilliwack BC, and you’re ready to start living your best life with PEMF therapy, please reach out to us today.

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