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Best Life Holistic Services - How PEMF Therapy Can Help You

Although medical science and human biology may not be everyone’s first choice for a field of study, there’s one little fact that seems to stick with every student who’s ever learned it: the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell. Although this is a slight oversimplification, it allows us to understand the vital role that these tiny organelles (components of a cell) play in the human healing process. There are many ways to care for your mitochondria, and therefore your cells, such as a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. But what if there was a way to charge up these powerhouses directly? 

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy, or PEMF therapy, is a non-invasive treatment for damaged tissues, such as muscles, bones, tendons, or even internal organs. A PEMF device creates a low level of electromagnetic radiation, which is then directed into a person’s tissues in pulses. These electromagnetic pulses permeate the outer layers of our skin, and allow the energy to transfer into our inner tissues. Energy enters the body at the cellular level, boosting the performance of the cell, and kick-starting the healing and regenerative processes. 

Who can pulsed electromagnetic field therapy help?

There are lots of applications for this type of treatment, with new uses being explored all the time. Although there are many other ways PEMF therapy can benefit healing in the human body, some of the most common uses are:

  • Improving the speed of recovery from an injury
  • Reducing inflammation following an injury or surgery
  • Relief from joint pain through strengthening of cartilage
  • Boosting the immune system
  • Improving sleep cycles and sleep quality
  • Battling depression
  • Improving circulation
  • Increasing physical energy
  • Bone regeneration (for injuries, as well as low bone density)

These are just the most common ways we see PEMF therapy used to help patients overcome their personal health challenges. 

Are pulsed electromagnetic fields safe?

Although the words “pulsed electromagnetic field” and “electromagnetic radiation” may seem intimidating, the entire process of PEMF therapy is actually very safe. PEMF machines are designed to carefully control the intensity of the electromagnetic pulses, meaning that the energy created by the machine will never reach dangerous levels. Furthermore, the output is carefully monitored by the PEMF therapist, who will adjust the pulses to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible during treatment. 

While some electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are thought to be harmful to humans, this is not the case for PEMF therapy. Certain EMFs, such as those emanating from your cell phone or internet router, may cause cellular issues after prolonged exposure. In order to understand the relative safety of different types of electromagnetic fields, it’s important to understand the way their frequencies are measured. Scientists use the Hertz (Hz) unit of measurement, which measures the rate of an energy’s current per second. Here are a few examples of natural and human-made electromagnetic fields, and their typical Hertz measurements:

  • X-Rays Around 100 quintillion (3×1016) Hz
  • Wifi – 2.4 billion to 5 billion Hz
  • Smart phones – 450 million to 2.7 billion Hz
  • TV antenna – 47 million to 250 million Hz
  • Thunder – Around 60 to 250 Hz 
  • Earth’s electromagnetic field – 7.83 Hz
  • Pulsed electromagnetic therapy machines – 5 to 30 Hz

A well-known example of a dangerous EMF are x-rays, which have such an incredibly high frequency that their sheer energy can be enough to break electrons right off the atoms in your body. This is why it’s not safe to get an x-ray without special protection for the rest of the body. However, the frequencies used in the course of PEMF therapy make it unlike any other electromagnetic field. Most PEMF machines will operate somewhere between 5 and 30 Hz, depending on the treatment needed. The levels of frequency used in PEMF therapy are meant to mimic those commonly found in nature, which prevents disruption to the body’s normal functions.

Understanding the science behind PEMFs

Each part of our physical bodies is made up of cells. When many cells of the same type are structured together, it’s known as a tissue. Everything, from our bones to our blood, is a tissue. Think of a brick wall—on one level, it’s a singular thing, but at the same time, it’s a collection of many smaller building blocks that comprise the whole. If any of the bricks in the wall are damaged or weakened, it creates a weak point in the entire wall, and could eventually cause a catastrophe down the line. 

This is why cellular health is so important. Although our cells are imperceptibly small, they form everything that makes us what we are. If enough under-energized cells form a tissue, it will create a weaker end-result than if it were made up of healthy cells.

Arguably the most important function of a cell is reproduction, which is when a cell replicates itself. This cellular reproduction is the main way our bodies regenerate and heal, and is why cellular health is so important. Under-energized cells may not be able to replicate at all, or else will create a second, equally weakened cell. 

Scientific research has shown that most changes in the human body occur after a change in the energy level of the surrounding cells. When a cell’s energy level drops, it’s functions stop working normally. By introducing a pulse of electromagnetic energy, PEMF therapists are able to jumpstart these under-energized cells, bringing them back to good working condition.

Logistically, the process of PEMF therapy is quite simple. The device itself will come attached with mats or paddles that are placed on problem areas in the body. Depending on the type of problem, and the severity, your therapist will decide on an appropriate rate and intensity for the pulses, allowing energy to re-enter your cells and restore your body to its peak condition. Depending on the issue, PEMFs can provide relief and recovery quite quickly, such as when used to reduce swelling and inflammation. For more wide-spread issues, such as weakened internal organs or inefficient immune systems, you’ll notice recovery over a longer period of working with your PEMF therapist.

Getting started with cellular healing

If you’re dealing with the impacts of a recent injury, or you’re ready to try a new approach to treating an ongoing health concern, consider starting your recovery at the cellular level. PEMF therapy is a safe and non-invasive method of treating many, many health issues, and can make an incredible difference in your quality of life. 

Ready to get started on recovery, one piece at a time? PEMF therapy might be the solution you’ve been looking for. Contact Best Life Holistic Services today!

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